Everything About Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry is the process or practice of remaking teeth, jaw, and gums of a person. This process can also rebuild the combination of teeth & gum, gum & jaw, and jaw & teeth. It is more broad than cosmetic dentistry, and is normally carried out under conscious sedation. This process also comes under cosmetic dentistry; however, reconstructive dentistry is supported by insurance companied while the cosmetic dentistry is not. Therefore, if you want to repair your teeth due to cosmetic reasons, you have to pay for it. But, if you have serious reasons for the reconstruction, your insurance will support it.

The need of reconstruction has been often the consequence of a trauma or genetics; however, it is often the after effect of bad oral hygiene. It is usually wanted for cosmetic reasons; however, can be technically fundamental if the issue meddles with the normal capabilities of the mouth. In some cases, speech or chewing is impeded as the consequence of a damage or genetic issue influencing the mouth. TMJ disorder, jaw injuries, overcrowding, and other dental issues may need reconstructive dentistry. Reconstructive surgery is best for people who had traumatic dental injuries.

Reconstructive dentistry may include the development of new teeth with a blend material, rebuilding or repairing bridges, or creating dental implants for the replacement of missing teeth. In some cases, it is important to help and avoid damage to teeth, that are in place and legitimately working. Full mouth reconstruction is an example of reconstructive dentistry. Any dental issue which needs remaking or rebuilding, comes under reconstructive dentistry. The options as well as the procedures might be the same as in cosmetic dentistry, but the requirement as well as the reasons to reconstruct may differ.

Before thinking about reconstructive dentistry, it is really important to consult with a reputed oral surgeon or a dentist who will understand your medical history, discuss the options of the surgery, and examine your mouth. A full mouth reconstruction cannot be done with a genuine reason. You also need to check with your insurance provide that they will support your surgery or not. The dentist should also have a good billing staff trained. Apart from this, if you need reconstructive dentistry options for your betterment or if you want a perfect smile, you should choose cosmetic dentistry options instead of reconstructive dentistry. You have to pay for cosmetic, but you will get what you desire.